Soil Activator for Organic Gardens

Rich Source of Organic Carbon

Naked Farmer Soil Activator for Organic Gardens is extremely rich in Organic Carbon, Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid. It is perfect for constructing great quality soils and will improve the condition of the existing soil by stimulating biological growth, optimising the chemical composition and improving the physical structure.

The Soil Activator key benefits to your garden are...

Brings your Soil to Life: For the past 20 years, gardeners have been told that plants require chemical fertilisers for strong growth. Soils have left to deteriorate due to the lack of organic matter being returned to the soil & in some cases have become lifeless. Soil Activator for Organic Gardens is extremely rich in Organic Carbon. Organic Carbon is a nutrient source for microbes & bacteria in the soil. Microbes are responsible for breaking down nutrients & making them available to plants to absorb through the root systems.


Stronger Healthier Plants: Growing trials have shown that plants have bigger root balls, thicker leaves & stems. Stronger plants are naturally more disease & pest resistant.


Breaks Down Clay Soils: Soil Activator for Organic Gardens contains humic & fulvic acids which will breakdown the clay chemically while the concentrated organic matter will keep the clay particles separated.


Builds up Sandy Soils: Soil Activator for Organic Gardens is concentrated organic matter that will add structure to sandy soils & assist in holding water & fertilisers.


Stops Fertilisers Leaching through the Soil: Soil Activator for Organic Gardens is negatively charged & through the cat-ion process will attract fertilisers & nutrients that are not absorbed by the plants & store them until needed. It also helps lock-up unwanted chemicals in the soil.


No Smell or Animal Waste: Soil Activator for Organic Gardens is 100% naturally sourced product & does not contain any animal waste & is smell free. Soil Activator for Organic Gardens is 100% natural & is certified by NASAA for use in Organic Gardens.


The Greenest Thumbs will tell you....Healthy, active soils are the foundation of all great gardens!

How to Use

Vegetable Gardens

Every time you grow a crop of vegetables, you strip vital nutrients from the soil. We recommend you blend 1 bag (25ltr) per square metre (1m²) of vegetable patch. You should reconstruct your soil every 6 months or every crop season.

Garden Beds

To construct productive garden beds, you will need to blend 1 bag (25ltr) per square metre (1m²) of soil in your garden bed. Double the recommended for sandy or poor quality soil.


Organic Soil Activator can be used to top-dress your lawns.  
It should be raked evenly at a rate of 2 bags (50ltr)
for each 5 square metres (5m²) of lawn.


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